If you live in Colorado or are currently looking for a home there, you may be familiar with metropolitan districts. These special districts offer a wide range of municipal resources to make life more enjoyable for residents and improve their surrounding community. While they have some similarities to homeowners associations (HOAs), there are also quite a few differences to be aware of. This guide can help you make an informed decision when it comes to your living situation. 

Differences Between Metropolitan Districts and HOAs

HOAs are organizations governed by homeowners living in a specific community. These homeowners have a common interest in maintaining their neighborhood, which they accomplish through a set of rules and regulations. These rules can dictate things like lawn care, landscaping, and home improvement and additions. HOAs are funded by fees paid by homeowners, and the organization is run by volunteers living in the neighborhood.

municipal resources

While HOAs are run by homeowners, metropolitan districts are a form of local government that provide two or more services for locals. These municipal resources can include things like waste disposal, maintenance of streets, water services, parks and recreation, and many others. Services and improvements are funded by taxes paid by those living in the specific district, and not by taxpayers throughout the city or county at large. A board of directors is responsible for the governance of the district, with new board directors chosen during biennial elections. 

Benefits of Metropolitan Districts 

Metropolitan districts benefit residents of a community by keeping services hyper-local. The community itself can determine what it needs and take steps to acquire it, whether that's a new recreation center or a road improvement. This reduces a lot of the red tape and bureaucracy that can impact the same sorts of improvements at the city or county level. Because the board of directors is selected by residents, homeowners can rest assured that their best interests are being served.  


For homebuyers and homeowners in Englewood, CO, Metro District Education Coalition provides information and resources to allow you to get the most out of your community. In addition to making residents aware of the full range of municipal resources they can access, including improvements to public infrastructure, they also offer information regarding operations and funding of those processes. Visit the website for a listing of frequently asked questions, or call (720) 710-9172 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative.