Chattanooga Medical Research
2341 McCallie Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37404-3239

About Chattanooga Medical Research

Science is a crucial part of the development of medicine. Chattanooga Medical Research is a highly regarded research facility in Chattanooga, TN, that conducts important clinical trials to bring the world closer to finding solutions to specific conditions and ailments. This facility has become a staple in the community since opening their doors in 2006. They follow all medical and safety protocols to ensure that each trial is conducted safely and fairly, resulting in the most objective outcomes. 

As a privately-owned facility, this research team includes internal physician investigators, physician assistants, ACRP-certified researchers, certified quality-assurance specialists, and board-certified OBGYN medical professionals. Having this arsenal of medical and scientific professionals on one team increases the odds of successful trials. 

This clinical facility conducts Phase II-IV clinical trials, researching subjects that are healthy and sick to provide a well-informed outcome for their trials. Their goal in their trials is to bring their test items closer to FDA approval, providing new, more effective and obtainable treatments for various conditions. 

The team at Chattanooga Medical Research has made it their personal goal to include diversity as a vital piece of each investigation. Underrepresentation is a common issue in the medical field and this research facility takes extra steps to ensure that members of each community, race, and population have representation through their trials. 

Learn more about the impressive work that Chattanooga Medical Research conducts by visiting their website for additional information. You can sign up to take part in a clinical trial at this research facility online or call (423) 648-7794 to get started today.