The average shingle roof can last for decades, but they don't always reach their full life span. A faulty roof can lead to extensive damage throughout the house, so it's important to know when the structure needs to be replaced. The sooner you call a roofer for help, the easier it is to feel secure at home.

How Do I Know I Need a New Roof?

1. Age

Shingle roofs typically begin to fail in the 25- to 30-year range, so you’ll want to schedule a replacement before then. Regardless of its condition, have the structure inspected when it reaches 20 years. Even on a multi-layered roof, the building materials can start to wear down at that point. A roofer will see if shingles are losing their granules or if the hardware is rusted due to weather exposure. They can then determine whether sections or the whole roof should be replaced.

2. Shingle Damage


The sunlight, heat, wind, and rain shingles endure can lead to curling and cracking over time. In addition to looking unkempt, these shingles may fall off your home and expose the wood decking underneath. Pests and water can also enter through the cracks and damage other parts of the house.

3. Daylight in the Attic

The wood decking and plastic sheets under the shingles can become perforated as the outermost roof layer degrades. This damage allows sunlight into the attic and means other elements can enter the house as well. While these holes are easy to see from the inside, where it's dark, they're hard to find outside because they’re so small. 


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