Your stucco exterior provides a beautiful and unique appearance to your home. However, the material can experience several problems that require the attention of a professional to restore. If you're concerned about the current state of your exterior walls, here's how to tell if you need stucco repair.

How Do You Know if You Need Stucco Repair?

1. Cracks

Large cracks more than a quarter-inch wide could be a sign of structural problems, like major settling or a lack of expansion joints. In this case, a professional may need to repair the foundation to prevent severe settling or damage from expansion. 

Stucco repair

Smaller cracks tend to be associated with water damage, especially if they contain any discoloration. A professional will need to seal the cracks and ensure the areas around doors and windows are well-sealed as soon as possible to prevent further moisture intrusion.

2. Stains

A stain on your home's stucco could be a simple case of dirt and age. However, it could also signify severe water damage and mold under the surface. While you may want to paint over stucco stains, you should have a professional inspect the material first to rule out moisture problems. If there is a leak beneath it, the paint might not stick or could seal in mold. This way, you'll know if you can move forward with the painting project without concern.

3. Moss

Moss only grows in areas with abundant moisture. If you notice it growing on your stucco, you should be concerned about possible water damage. If the moss is near the ground, you may be able to remove it with a borax and water mixture before covering the area with ornamental rock to facilitate drying. Any growth higher up on the wall means you'll need a professional to check for a leak.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles form when water drains down the inside of a stucco wall and leaks out of the bottom. Bubbling around the bottom edge of the material is a surefire sign of water damage. The sooner a professional repairs the leak, the less likely it is for the moisture to spread and lead to mold growth and structural problems. 

Stucco walls should have a drainage system at the bottom to divert excess moisture away from the material. If it's not draining correctly, the water could be channeled through the wall instead of away from it. In this case, a contractor will need to make the changes to ensure the moisture flows in the right direction.


If you suspect you need stucco repair for your exterior walls, contact Poly's Construction in Belleville, NJ. They've served homeowners throughout the Tri-State area for over 15 years. They'll carefully examine the material for cracks, leaks, and other problems and apply the correct solutions to prevent water damage and maintain the structural integrity of your home. Visit their website to learn more about their stucco services, or call (973) 474-7319 for a free estimate.