When soil is compacted around grass roots, they struggle to access the natural resources they need to thrive. Lawn aeration resolves soil compaction by removing small plugs of soil to increase the airflow around root systems. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy by adding this technique to your spring lawn care.

How Can Lawn Aeration Benefit Your Property?

1. Improved Lawn Health

Grass must have a steady supply of oxygen, water, and nutrients to grow well. Access to nutrients and hydration allows for the development of healthy root systems, which makes your lawn less susceptible to diseases. Aeration ensures proper flow through the soil, but it can also improve drainage when it rains. This lowers the risk of a fungal disease developing on the grass, which can result when water lingers on the surface.

2. Effective Overseeding

lawn aeration

Overseeding is used to fill in any bare, brown spots on your lawn with new grass. Grass seeds are sprinkled over the surface in specific areas, where they then grow roots and establish new sections of lawn. Because aeration opens up small holes in the soil, it allows grass seeds to fall below the surface. Improved seed-to-soil contact fortifies new grass as it grows and helps your lawn grow lush and verdant. 

3. Reduced Thatch

Thatch is a collection of organic materials that sits on the surface of your lawn. Some thatch is good, as it retains water and warmth in the soil. Too much of it can smother grass and prevent it from receiving the proper amount of sunlight. When your lawn is aerated, microorganisms that live in the soil are introduced to the surface. These microorganisms naturally diminish thatch so you can get benefits without the ill effects. 


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