When your plumbing is working properly, you shouldn’t have slow or clogged drains. Keeping your pipes in good condition is simply the result of good habits and regular maintenance. To prevent clogs and keep the system flowing smoothly, follow these three tips.

3 Tips for Free Flowing Drains

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1. Pay Attention to What You Put Down the Drains

Many clogs form over time from a buildup of various debris. All food debris, along with grease, fats, and oils, should go in the trash and not down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal system, this doesn't mean you can toss anything down there. Keep expandable foods like rice and oats, coffee grounds, and fibrous vegetables out of the disposal. Instead, throw these in the compost pile.

2. Plant Trees and Large Plants Away From Pipe Lines

It’s common for tree roots to eventually grow into the pipe lines, causing extensive damage and possibly leading to burst pipes. Make sure you know where the pipe lines are before planting anything in your yard. Work closely with landscapers to ensure that all plants and trees won't grow anywhere near your home's plumbing system.  

3. Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning

Hiring a professional to do yearly drain cleaning is the best way to keep your home’s pipes in good shape. They will be able to remove any stuck debris so that it doesn’t eventually form a clog. It’s better to prevent clogs from forming rather than dealing with the repairs when they happen.

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