When a persistent clog arises, there are a few methods plumbers can use to clear the pipe. Water jetting is an incredibly effective option that also offers additional short and long-term benefits. Here’s a closer look at why to choose it for your home’ s blockage. 

3 Reasons to Utilize Water Jetting for Clogged Pipes

1. Quick & Effective

The process uses incredibly high water pressure. Such power allows it to knock out blockages very quickly, clearing the line in one go. It’s also effective at blasting away the residue on the sides of the pipe, which other options can’t achieve. As such, water jetting a clog provides a more thorough clean and accomplishes the task faster, allowing you to get back to your normal routine. 

water jetting

2. Save Money

As the water jet works its way through the line, it blasts away all matter that’s present. Even minor buildup is removed before it has a chance to grow into a more disruptive blockage. 

Starting with a clean slate reduces the risk of clogs and repairs in the future, which means you won’t likely need the service for the same pipe anytime soon. For that reason, you can end up saving money in the long run by opting for water jetting now. 

3. Eco-Friendly

Many at-home solutions that claim to be effective at eliminating a clog rely on harsh chemicals to eat it away. Such solutions not only run the risk of damaging the plumbing lining, they can also enter local waterways and cause contamination. Jetting relies solely on water that is safe enough to drink. As a result, it protects the environment and plumbing infrastructure. 


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