Keeping your home's roof in good working order is essential for protecting the structure from the elements. A well-maintained one that's undergone roof repairs when needed can last for decades, but even a long-lasting roof will eventually need to be replaced. Below are a few signs that your roof may be ready for an upgrade.

4 Signs a Roof Replacement Is in Order

1. Leaks

The main function of your roof is to keep water from getting into your home. If you start to see leaks coming into your roof, it's a sign that its structural integrity is compromised. If there's a lot of moisture building up underneath the roof, over time it could actually cause the roof to lose its rigidity and start to sag some. In either case, your roof may no longer be stable and needs a replacement.

2. Physical Damage

roof repair

Having a single shingle crack or break happens, and smaller damage can and should be handled by a roof repair specialist fairly quickly. However, excess damage from storms, a lot of shingles warping, or holes in the roof lead to larger issues. If your roof is excessively damaged, it's liable to let in more moisture that could damage internal parts of the home or degrade the roof to the point of failing in a more impactful way.

3. Age

The age of your roof can determine whether it's time for a replacement. While roofs typically last decades, different roofing materials have different life spans. Metal roofing, for example, lasts longer than asphalt options. If your roof's age starts getting close to its expected lifetime, it's worth getting it inspected.

4. Vegetation

Vegetation will only grow on your roof if the conditions are right, so any mold growth is a sign of increased moisture and the need for roof repairs. This is a clue that your roofing is not properly keeping out water, which could be seeping into crevices and settling in there. This eventually causes the wood to rot and impact the integrity of your home's structure.


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