Working in a warehouse has its share of hazards, as each building contains multiple stacks of objects and utilizes heavy machinery. While keeping up with training will help maintain a safe work environment, there are other approaches to improving operations. Installing quality warehouse lighting is one of the most effective methods, offering several hard-to-beat benefits. Here’s a closer look to determine where to start with an upgrade.

3 Tips for Warehouse Lighting

1. Select High-Bay LED Lights

The height of a warehouse’s ceiling often ranges between 20 and 45 feet. Products that aren’t made for these distances could appear dim to those standing on the ground, which is why LED lights are becoming such popular alternatives. 

LED fixtures maintain a steady brightness all the way down to the floor and are much more efficient. These options also use less energy than their fluorescent counterparts and won’t produce excessive heat.

2. Reduce Glare

warehouse lighting

As useful and valuable as LED lights are, their brightness can cause warehouse workers to become temporarily blind after accidentally looking directly at the fixtures. This problem could slow down production and increase the risk of injury, but it’s fortunately preventable.

Installing reflectors around each bulb will help diffuse some of the light. You should also get products with glare-reducing features, as they will allow for necessary adjustments. 

3. Incorporate Task Lighting

Specific warehouse tasks require focused lighting. Otherwise, leaning over tables to work will create a shadow and lower visibility. Whether it’s a smaller lamp or a series of low-hanging fixtures, the natural increase in brightness will make it easier to complete the more detailed portion of each project.


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