Ticks are quite the pesky pests—they’re good at hiding in your dog’s fur and latching themselves onto the skin to feed. Once the weather becomes warmer, these parasites start to come out and infest your pet’s body. Before they harm you and your dog, get tick control from Cape Cod Mosquito Squad in Wellfleet, MA, and take the following steps.

5 Tips for Making Your Canine Tick-Free

1. Bathe Them Regularly

Bathe your dog often and use an anti-tick shampoo every two weeks. These products have ingredients that kill and repel parasites. However, it’s best to consult a veterinarian for recommendations, as some over-the-counter brands may be unsafe or ineffective, especially for existing infestations.

2. Use a Treatment

Bathing alone isn’t enough as a tick control measure—consider other solutions. A tick collar stops pests from getting on your pup’s head and neck. If you want more protection, give them preventative oral or topical medication. Discuss with your veterinarian first to determine the perfect solution based on your dog’s lifestyle. 

3. Check for Ticks

tick control

Following outdoor excursions, always frisk your dog to check for those pesky bugs. Getting rid of them before they attach themselves reduces the possibility of an infestation or disease transmission. Pay close attention to your dog’s head, neck, and ears, as these are the pests’ favorite spots.

4. Clean Your Home

Stop an infestation from happening inside your home with frequent vacuuming. Focus on common places where these parasites thrive, such as your floors, under the rugs, around the dog bed, and in your pup’s favorite napping spots.

5. Maintain the Yard

Ticks thrive in humid, forested settings. That's why mowing the lawn and pruning the vegetation in the garden regularly are efficient tick control methods that remove their potential hiding spots.

Keep these pests away from your pets and at bay with comprehensive tick control from Cape Cod Mosquito Squad. With an office in Wellfleet, MA, this pest control company has helped countless residents stay safe and protected with tick spray and treatment since 2005. Call (508) 589-4994 to schedule a consultation, or view their complete offerings online