Whether you use your dining room for large parties or family get-togethers, it should incorporate features which maximize comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. By combining the right dining room furniture with a practical layout and eye-catching decor, you can make this space welcoming to groups of all sizes and events of all kinds. Here are a few factors to consider when designing or remodeling a dining room perfect for entertaining.

How to Design the Ideal Entertaining Dining Room

1. Maximize Available Space

If you frequently host dinner parties or other more formal events, a large dining table and elegant chairs are essential. However, a traditional table arrangement can restrict the space in your dining room during less formal parties and make it difficult for guests to mingle and enjoy refreshments at their own pace.

For these occasions, a buffet-style side table can be a valuable item for holding drinks and snacks, to which guests can help themselves. Even during large sit-down meals, this table can maximize space by freeing up areas which would otherwise be needed for dishes of food.

2. Choose Versatile Furniture

dining room furniture

When choosing dining room furniture, there’s a practically endless array of styles and configurations suited for all kinds of events. For example, you can choose from extendable tables or options with removable leaves, which can significantly increase seating space during get-togethers. Pair these with matching chairs that slide easily underneath, barstools to preserve room for seating and movement, or attractive folding chairs to accommodate additional guests.

3. Consider Alternative Layouts

Traditionally, a more formal dining room layout consisting of a large central table with peripheral furniture was the preferred format for hosts. While this is still a popular option, you may find that your home’s floor plan or your entertaining style is better suited to alternative arrangements. For example, if you have a smaller dining room, you may need to combine the dining area with a living room area, using side tables and decorative touches to distinguish each space from the other.


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