If you have an open door policy at your workplace, you may want to consider getting an intercom system. At Action Security & Communications in Rochester, NY, there are several different types of systems to choose from, allowing you to monitor your entry points at all times. By listening to your company’s needs and scheduling an initial consultation on-site, they’ll be able to install an intercom system that uses the security industry’s most recent advancements in audio and video technology to make your place of business more secure and safe.

intercom systemWithout an intercom system, it’s likely that visitors can come and go as they please. This poses two major threats to your organization: on one hand, you’re granting unauthorized persons access to your premises, which could be a liability issue during a time of emergency; if you’re not monitoring your entry point, there’s a chance of someone trespassing, burglarizing, or vandalizing your property. With an intercom system, you’ll be able to speak directly with every single person and verify their identity before entering.

Another advantage to getting an intercom system is that you won’t have to hire an additional person to stand by the door and check all visitors who enter. Additionally, you can use the system as a tool to communicate to people all over your premises, making your business more efficient and user-friendly. By customizing your system to include a doorbell and hands-free access, an intercom system can keep your organization safe, secure, and convenient for everyone involved.

An intercom system allows you a quick and easy way to monitor your entry points and control who has access to your facilities. To find out about the systems available from Action Security & Communications, call (800) 445-1410 or visit the website.