Running a successful retail store requires mitigating risks, including theft. Burglaries are common concerns for many business owners since they can reduce profits and cause delays. Thankfully, a high-quality security system will help you stop burglars and protect your merchandise. Review this brief guide to discover the best practices when securing your retail store.

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Store's Security System

1. Alarm Possible Entry Points

Security systems come with advanced deterrents to make it difficult for burglars to be successful. For example, motion detection capabilities utilize light to identify someone moving near your establishment.

Meanwhile, a door contact will alert you if an entrance is opened after hours. Similar technology exists for windows, as well. Installing security features on all windows and doors ensures a thief has no easy possibilities for accessing your business. 

2. Utilize Access Controls

security systems

Access control systems restrict entry to certain parts of your retail store. Card readers can be used to stop delivery workers and other unauthorized personnel from accessing back rooms and stock areas. 

You can also prevent sales associates and merchandisers from entering private offices for managers. These systems can be set up to accept specific cards only at certain times for maximum control. 

Swipes can often be logged so that you know who used certain spaces. This will help you identify internal theft and keep track of your merchandise. 

3. Utilize Signs

Stopping theft with an alarm system is good, but preventing it altogether is even better. Along with your security system, utilize signs to let potential burglars know that your store is alarmed. Often, just knowing a burglary won’t be easy is enough to deter a robber from trying.

On your storefront windows, place a sticker that mentions that the property is surveilled 24/7. You can also utilize security glass and alarms on display cases that hold valuable items. Then, use signs to show people that these products are closely monitored.


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