If you need to get prescription glasses for the first time, the optometrist will make sure they fit comfortably and are the correct prescription. While you don't need to worry about those factors, you may be wondering how to choose the frames and care for them. Use the guide below to navigate the process.

What to Know Before Getting a Pair of Eyeglasses

Are there stylish options?

Frames are available in many styles, materials, designs, and colors to complement different face shapes and skin tones. Take the time to try on several options at the optometrist's office, and use a mirror to decide if you like the look.

prescription glasses

Pick something in a neutral color, like black or tortoise, so that they match several outfits. You can also get a high-end pair from a luxury designer for something ultra-trendy.

Which treatments or features can I add?

Eyeglass upgrades customize the lenses to make them more suited for your lifestyle. For instance, many lenses are given a coating to prevent glare, which can be helpful while driving. You can also opt for flexible frames to minimize the risk of breakage and a scratch-resistant treatment.

How do I care for my prescription glasses?

Glasses require attentive maintenance to stay in good condition. To clean them, use warm water, a small dab of liquid soap, and a soft cloth.

To avoid scratches, don’t lay them facedown, put them away without a case, and use shirts, napkins, or paper towels to wipe them. Always use both hands to put on the glasses, keeping the frame aligned and ensuring the lenses are correctly oriented in front of your eyes.

Can I use contacts too?

Yes. Many people own both contacts and glasses, switching between them as needed for convenience or comfort. However, wearing glasses over contacts should only be done if you’ve discussed it with an optometrist first. If you can't see clearly with eyeglasses alone, it's probably time to enhance the prescription.


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