Aug 2, 2020 As the corona virus cases increase throughout the nation and world, we really need to avoid business and schools shutdown and we all need to contribute and be prudent to take extra measures. We can start by doing the following:

  • The first and most important step is to "prevent infection by avoidance."
  • Recent studies indicate that most children are not affected and do not transmit to adults. But we need to take more effort in identifying the high risk and protect/quarantine these groups instead of widespread shutdown or school closure.
  • Wear a mask, and a face shield for extra protection in public.  If you have family members who work or attend social gatherings, then wear a mask at home too. More and more people are now asymptomatic (show no symptoms.)
  • Exercise social distance always.  If others are not, use a stronger masks and face shield.  Always carry extra masks/shields in your car. Share with others.
  • The virus count is highest in the nose, throat and eyes. So do not touch the eyes and do frequent salt water rinse/gargle and antiseptic mouthwash rinse and hypochlorous soln for the eyes if necessary. Carry a small bottle with you, and do this before attending any public place and after. At least carry a 4oz listerine (carry a thick napkin and sip a capful for 10-20 seconds and release into napkin if no restroom is a available and do not spit this out in public) and alcohol spray (>70%) for your hands/face/nose with you at all times and use it often. Soap and water is the best, copious immersion with >70% alcohol is good too, and better than hand gels, and .2% hypochlorous spray for the eyes.
  • The main stream media and their “so called experts” have never provided the best advice. Why do they keep insisting that Hydroquinolone (with Zinc) does not work and could have been used prophylactically many months ago? And many other medications are available too and effective if used in the early stages. Why is the public not informed? Why are good doctors who had good success rate shut down by the main media or social media?
  • Take garlic, vitamin B complex, and Ester-C always. Garlic & Ester C will improve your immune system, B complex is good to keep the lungs/cilia healthier and keep your lungs less congested and improve oxygen perfusion. Healthy alkaline diet with less sugar/carb, drink more water, more healthy fiber, hot showers, Sun UV, etcAntiviral herbs include elderberry, grapefruit seed extract, etc. Antiviral Herbs.
  • If you are affected, it is best to keep the blood pressure at normal than lower. Since low blood pressure will cause more congestion. If you have low blood pressure, take little more salt, little more caffeine, drink more water and avoid potassium (bananas.) Again, only if you are affected and have low blood pressure.
  • If you are diabetic, hypertensive, heart disease, etc, you should take extra precautions and quarantine yourself longer and maintain proper anti-viral hygiene. If you are hypertensive, don't let the blood pressure go too low since this will cause more congestion and breathing problems.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces using a regular household cleaning spray or wipe. 
  • Know where the hotspots are in your area and avoid. Avoid people/family members who are not exercising proper anti-viral/hygiene procedures.
  • Do your share so that we can keep the businesses and schools open. Your life is important. Our economy is important. Both are important.
  • Think of this as a war, and we will fight and win it!    
  • Choose your political affiliation carefully and compare both sides. Choose the side that will protect your country, your freedom, and economic vitality! Riots, tearing down statues, criminal surges, defunding the police, shutdowns, marxism, communist china influence/control, socialism is not the answer.
  •  Do or do not. There is no try.” 

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