If you're planning to advertise a home, lot, or development with real estate signs, you want an eye-catching that will attract as many potential buyers as possible. However, it's easy for a sign to become unclear if you don't have much design experience. Here are a few common problems to watch for when putting together your sign.

5 Real Estate Sign Pitfalls

1. Cluttered Design

In the hopes of being more interesting or communicating more information, it may be tempting to add multiple visual elements and pieces of text to the sign. But the more you add, the less likely viewers are to see what's important in the clutter. A streamlined design will be more effective, so keep it simple.

2. Text Size Issues

Real Estate SignsYour real estate sign needs to be readable at a glance from a car passing by. If the text is too small or too large, it may not be legible. A good rule of thumb is that the text should have about one inch of height for every ten feet of viewing distance, so if you expect viewers to be 100 feet away, make the text 10 inches high.

3. Not Enough Contrast

Using similar colors for the text and the background or superimposing the text over complex images also affects readability. The elements of the sign will blend together from a distance. You want to use sharp contrast to make the sign legible; for example, using bold colors like red or blue against white.

4. Flimsy Material

Your real estate sign will be outside for weeks or months, so you want something that won't tatter, fade, or bend. Ask your printer about their outdoor material options, such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

5. Low-Quality Printing

The quality of your signs will communicate subtle messages about the quality and desirability of the real estate you're advertising. To send the most positive message possible, invest in high-quality printing with clean, sharp lines. You may even want to leave the entire design to an experienced professional at your sign shop.


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