If you’re running for office, you want to make sure your position and platform stand out from the crowd of candidates. Campaign stickers are an affordable and effective way to maximize your visibility. Follow these tips to design excellent custom decals to help get you elected.

3 Tips for Designing an Effective Campaign Sticker

1. Fit Your Design to Your Decal

Pick a sticker size and shape before you start working with a creative expert. For example, a circle is a common choice, but can make text harder to fit if you have a long name or title. In that case, a square or a rectangle may work better. Double-check that the font isn’t too small or too close to the margins to avoid having it cut off.

custom decal2. Use Contrasting Colors 

Custom decals with contrasting colors help important information stand out. For example, white and black or red and blue are easy to read from a distance. Try to avoid colors like yellow that can obstruct readability.

3. Help People Find Out More

An effective campaign starts with education. You want the people you will represent to know about the issues you care about, how you plan to tackle difficult problems, and what your plan is for the time you’re in office. Since this is too much information to include on a custom decal, add a website URL or social media handle so people can follow your campaign.


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