In-ground flag poles are an eye-catching way to add personality to your yard. However, you need to select the right location to keep your flag in good condition and maintain your curb appeal. Take each of the items below into consideration to put your flag in the right place.

3 Factors to Consider for Flag Pole Placement

1. Height

Most flag poles are between 20 and 25 feet in height. You want the top of the pole to be around the same height as the peak of your roof—too low and it will look dwarfed; too high and the flag will loom over everything else. However, you may want it taller if you want the flag to be seen from a distance or if it’s situated on a downward slope from your house.

2. Utilities

flag polesThe pole should not interfere with any utilities, and vice versa. Find out where all of your underground lines are and steer clear of them. The flag should also be at least 10 feet away from any overhead power lines, even when fully extended from the pole. Pay attention to factors like your sprinklers system and driveway traffic as well so they don’t damage the pole, and anticipate the growth of any nearby trees.

3. Visibility

The goal is to have the flag fit in with the rest of your home’s exterior and landscape rather than standing out awkwardly. You can choose a place near the entrance, which will draw the eye to the front door. If you have a long driveway, you can place it at the end, where it will welcome guests as they arrive. A flag at the center is a popular placement for those with circular driveways.


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