As you begin your real estate career, the internet will be an essential tool to make sales. However, don’t neglect traditional real estate signs. They tell people in the area about your available properties and put your name in the minds of homeowners or potential buyers. For maximum effect, use the following guide to figure out where to place your signs. 

What You Want From a Location

The main goal of placing any real estate sign is to make sure it’s visible. However, you shouldn’t place it just anywhere. It should be within the property limits to avoid being thrown out by neighbors.

Before installing a sign, examine the house exterior from a distance to pick a spot unobstructed by nearby plants, trees, or surrounding architectural features. Also, when putting the sign into the ground, the soil shouldn’t be too wet; otherwise, the beams or posts won’t be stable and could sink in or fall over. 

Where to Place Your Real Estate Signs

real estate signPlace a large real estate sign in front of the property being sold. Install it so the sign is perpendicular to the road to provide passing drivers with plenty of time to see it. If it’s parallel with the road, they won’t see the sign content until immediately next to it. 

If the house is not on a main road, put the second sign at the closest one entering the neighborhood. If this doesn’t immediately turn into the property, you’ll also need one or two more that tell drivers where to turn. However, take care not to overdo it or nearby property owners might throw your signs away.

If you’re selling an apartment or condo, ask building management if it’s all right to install a sign out front. You’ll also want to leave paper flyers in the lobby with all relevant contact details.  


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