Many small business owners see a sign as a practical feature to mark their establishment. However, it also represents who you are and what you offer, which plays a role in attracting customers. Here are a few benefits of prioritizing a sign for your business.

Why a Custom Sign Is Essential for Your Business

1. Brand Awareness

A sign tells passersby about your business every hour of the day. It lets people who might otherwise never have considered your product or service know that your business exists, where you’re located, and what you have to offer. This kind of brand exposure is particularly effective if you’re located on a busy thoroughfare where the sign is visible to a large number of people.

2. Increased Traffic

Custom signs in Honolulu, HIA sign should be large and eye-catching enough to guide people to your door. You don’t want a potential customer to turn around and head home after traveling across town because they can’t find your shop. A business sign also acts as a beacon to bring in people passing by, potentially increasing sales.

3. Favorable First Impression

A sign can set your business apart from the competition. Along with your storefront, it plays a role in the first impression you make on potential customers. A clever logo, striking graphics, and convincing sales information will all make a passerby pause to consider your business, and if they walk in, your customer base will grow.


To make an attractive custom sign for your business, contact Honolulu Sign Company Limited. They’ve served customers throughout Oahu for over 80 years, specializing in custom labels, plaques, stencils, decals, flags, and even flag poles. Visit their website to learn more about and see photos of their offerings, or call (808) 847-4047 to start planning your design today.