Car decals are convenient for advertising your business, essentially creating mobile billboards. To make the most of this marketing strategy, here are a few tips.

4 Tips to Market With Car Decals

1. Go Bright

If you’re incorporating a logo with more subdued colors, find bright complementary tones to draw attention. For example, neutrals like black and white can work well with anything from reds and pinks to vibrant greens. Even businesses that provide more serious services do well with bold colors like neon green or electric blue that will catch the eye of those who see the vehicle.

2. Choose the Right Focus

decalsAvoid cluttered designs that make the information hard to read. Instead, opt for decals that focus on your company name and contact information. Make these details the biggest and clearest so people remember them as the car moves past. Place contact information on all sides of the vehicle for better exposure. Also, avoid script or fancy lettering that’s difficult to decipher while in motion.  

3. Select Clear Designs

If your business name and logo don’t convey what your services are, add an image to clarify. A nicely designed image will also add visual interest to your car’s overall look, which will attract more attention as it moves around town. For example, a construction company might depict tools or a salon would show hair cutting equipment. 

4. Keep It Clean

The cleaner your ride, the easier it will be for people to see your decals. Wash your car once a week to get rid of dust and dirt that might obscure the designs and critical information.


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