Store design and visibility aren’t just crucial on the outside. The way you structure and market the inside of your store can be determining factors in keeping customers coming and ensuring your business runs smoothly. Aisle signs are one of the most popular elements used to accomplish these goals. Below are some reasons to hang them up around your store.

Why Have Signs for Your Aisles?

1. Make Navigation Easy

Just as you wouldn’t want to drive to an unknown place without a GPS, your customers wouldn’t want to shop in a store with no aisle signs. It’s neither efficient nor effective for them to get what they need, as they’ll waste time wandering the rows of inventory instead of getting straight to their products and produce. Put aisle numbers and item lists above the aisles to help them navigate your space with reliability and ease. 

2. Save Employees Time

signsYour employees — especially new ones — will have difficulty knowing where to stock inventory or clean up messes without aisle signs. Though they may have some familiarity with the placement of items in your store, your customers will not, and they’ll be routinely asking your employees for help. Help your employees by putting up directions around the store. They’ll be able to care for stocking and prepping duties more efficiently, as well as answer any questions about store navigation knowledgeably.

3. Showcase Your Store

Aisle signs are a combination of practicality and creativity for your store. They can make your space look professional, organized, and customer-oriented. Fonts and colors can accompany the ambiance of your business, which customers will easily identify with your shop. You can also highlight certain items you have available in your store on the boards to encourage customers to look for and buy the product.


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