A rebranded business is a smart step toward an increase in revenue, a larger and more devoted customer base, and updated products or services that meet the needs of today's consumers. Once you've set a launch date, chosen a new logo, and handled all the practical nuts and bolts of the redesign, it's time to start putting signs out—both literally and figuratively—to introduce your new brand. Below are a few tips to help you in this process.

How to Introduce a Rebrand

1. Post on Social Media

Build up excitement for the rebrand by teasing it on your social media accounts before the relaunch date. Let your followers know that big, positive changes are in store, and discuss your commitment to improving your products or services. A few days before the official launch, change your profile image to the new logo. All of these approaches will pique your followers' interests.

Then, on the day of the launch, make the announcement on social media: talk about the new look, introduce new products or services, and direct followers to a redesigned website.

2. Order New Signs & Printed Materials

signsThe signs your customers see will give them their first taste of what your business offers and the mood it engenders. Order new signs that bring your business name and logo to vibrant life.

Also, redo all printed materials to reflect the changes to your look and products or services; this includes interior and exterior signs and banners, business cards, catalogs, pamphlets, and custom decals for windows and vehicles.

3. Reach Out to Existing Customers

The ultimate goal of any rebrand is to attract new customers, but you also want to retain the ones you already have. Don't neglect to tell them about the rebrand too. If you have customer email addresses, send out an email blast informing them of all the exciting changes taking place. Include your new logo in the email as well as links to your redesigned website and social media accounts.


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