The perfect sign reflects a business’s personality and marks its physical presence. If you run a retail business, it should attract passersby’s eyes on the street to entice them to come inside. When designing the sign representative of your company, its material makes a difference in its appearance and durability. Here are three materials you should consider using.

3 Popular Sign Materials

1. Wood

Wood is regarded as one of the classiest materials. It’s easily customized with stains and paints to suit your business’s image, though richly grained hardwood provides an elegant, natural touch. Keep in mind that wood requires maintenance to prevent fading over time.

2. Metal

SignMetal is the longest lasting material. In the design stage, it can be molded into any shape.

Brass or bronze is popular for plaques and trim, but they’re generally not used for larger projects because of their weight and cost. They also require polishing to prevent oxidation.

Aluminum is lighter and won’t rust, so it’s often used on storefronts and building faces for cladding, trim, and sign lettering.

3. Acrylic

Acrylic is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and offers a professional, attractive look. It’s resistant to all types of weather, while its lightweight construction requires minimal installation effort. It can be fashioned into any form, making customization easy on a client-by-client basis. It can also be illuminated to stand out even more.


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