Placing a vehicle wrap on a company car is an effective marketing strategy, as motorists and pedestrians around town will see the moving billboard. Applying a car wrap can also transform the look of your personal ride while still preserving the original color underneath. If you're ready to invest in this cover, be sure to leave the installation to the professionals for the following reasons.

Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Vehicle Wrapping

1. Premature Peeling

Many DIYers fail to prepare their cars correctly before applying their vehicle wraps. The entire exterior of the car must be thoroughly cleaned and degreased first, and the installer must use the proper adhesive. Otherwise, the wrap's membrane won't bond to the surface, which can cause peeling and raised spots in the wrap. Professionals will give the car a thorough cleaning and apply the vinyl in a dust- and dirt-free area to avoid these problems.

2. Poor Results

Brooklyn-New-York-vehicle-wrapIn addition to noticeable peeling down the line, the initial results of the DIY installation could fall short of expectations, too. If the vinyl cover doesn't fit correctly, or if it isn't aligned with the seams of the car, the seams could be visible in some areas. The membrane could also lift at corners, seams, and edges if it isn't warmed and cured for a proper seal after installation. From vinyl cutting to post-installation procedures, trained technicians will follow the appropriate protocols to deliver high-quality results.

3. More Money

If you attempt DIY vehicle wrap installation to cut costs, you could end up spending even more. In addition to buying the wrap and tools, you may need to hire a professional to correct your blunders, which could involve starting from scratch. You’ll also likely need a new wrap sooner, so you’ll spend more on replacement costs. By hiring professionals in the first place, you'll avoid these extra expenses.


To outfit your company cars with impeccably applied vehicle wraps, contact the professionals at DTM Signs and Truck Wraps in Brooklyn, NY. With financing now available, this team will provide vinyl cutting, printing, and the application of car, bus, and truck wraps for commercial vehicles or your personal ride. See photos of the crew’s work on the company’s website and Facebook page, and call (347) 312-5488 to discuss your project today.