Investing in a vehicle wrap is an effective way to advertise a business, especially if your venture requires service cars. Not only does it boost brand recognition, but it also allows you to expand your reach without paying for ad placement. However, proper maintenance is crucial to ensure the wrap looks good for an extended period. To make the most of your investment, be wary of these mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Maintaining a Vehicle Wrap

1. Parking in Direct Sunlight

The sun’s UV rays break down pigments in vehicle wraps. As such, leaving your vehicle in direct sunlight for too long will cause the vinyl to fade sooner than expected. Instead, try to park in a shaded area, such as a garage or in the shadow of a large building. You can also park under a tree, but be mindful of those that could leave damaging sap on your vehicle.

2. Pressure Washing

vehicle wrapRegularly wiping your vehicle off is enough to keep debris off the wrap. However, you’ll still need to wash it about every two weeks for a thorough cleaning. When doing so, wash it by hand rather than using a pressure washer. Unless you’re careful, pressure washing can lift the edges of the wrap and damage the adhesive.

3. Using Harsh Cleaners

If the wrap has hard-to-remove stains, such as bird droppings or tree sap, you may need to use cleaning solutions to remove them. However, harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive products can damage the vinyl, so it’s best to avoid those. Use all-natural cleaning solutions that are less harsh and better for the environment, but don’t let the product sit on the vinyl for too long, as it could soak through and loosen the adhesive or cause bubbling. After cleaning the vehicle wrap, immediately rinse it off with clean water.


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