Commercial car wraps are useful marketing tools for businesses, as they help increase brand awareness and can reach much broader demographics than traditional advertising methods. When getting a company vehicle wrapped, you’ll have a few considerations to make, including whether or not to cover the roof. This decision will affect the cost of your investment and the impact it has on your audience, so learn more below to make an informed choice.

Should You Wrap the Roof?

Car wraps can be installed to fully cover a vehicle’s exterior paint or just certain sections. On tall vans and trucks, it’s not likely that most people will see the roof. As such, leaving it unwrapped won’t detract from the overall appearance. Instead, you can maximize marketing value by emphasizing the graphic design on other visible areas of the car.

However, for small or mid-size vehicles that aren’t very tall, it’s generally best to wrap the roof. This will keep the installation from looking incomplete and ensure the colors blend well, so the roof isn’t a different shade than the rest of the car.

What’s the Roof Wrapping Process?

car wrapsIf you decide to extend your commercial car wrap to the roof, it'll need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove all remnants of dirt, dust, and wax. This will allow the film to adhere to the paint properly.

Next, the technicians will cut the material to fit the precise shape and size of your roof. Typically, someone will stand on each side of the vehicle to make sure the film is positioned over the surface correctly. Then, they'll take the back of the film off and apply it to the car. A squeegee will be used to smooth out the wrap and remove any bubbles, and the leftover material will be cut off.


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