Demolition is the act of tearing down man-made structures like residential and commercial buildings. The process relies on workers using heavy machinery including cranes, wrecking balls, bulldozers, and explosives. You may be surprised to learn that these workers, known as demolition contractors, are responsible for much more than tearing down buildings. If you are considering a career in demolition or simply would like to know more about the job, the following information will help you understand what these contractors do.

Perform Site Preparation

Demolition contractors prepare sites for destruction by performing inspections and removing hazardous materials like asbestos. They are also responsible for disconnecting utilities, eliminating rodents, and obtaining the necessary permits. Ensuring a safe work site is essential to the preparation process, as is using the right equipment and protective materials during demolition. 

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Oversee Demolition

Buildings are taken down in one of two ways: by manual demolition or implosion. In both cases, the demolition contractor is responsible for making sure the site is clear of debris that could result in serious injury if airborne.

Manual demolition involves use of hydraulic excavators, which are often utilized for one and two-story buildings. Hydraulic excavators undermine the structure, so it falls in the desired direction. Cranes and wrecking balls may also be used in manual demolition to break a building down to a manageable height.

Implosion is used to destroy large buildings as well as bridges. The goal of implosion is to collapse a structure, so it falls on itself. This type of demolition is over in mere seconds.

Assist With Cleanup

Demolition contractors are also involved in debris removal following the destruction of a building or other large structure. Some material may be salvaged for reuse, while other pieces are disposed of in keeping with local environmental safety standards.

Other services demolition contractors may offer include excavation, or the removal of earth for utility purposes, as well as land clearing and landfill construction.


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