When you live next to an area where construction or demolition services are being carried out, the noise can quickly become a source of frustration. While most contractors will do their best to minimize disruptions, some noise is inevitable, making it necessary for you to come up with creative ways to block out distractions. Keep the following ideas in mind to make it through any nearby building work in comfort and peace.

How to Reduce Construction Noise

1. Wear Noise-Canceling Headphones

Music is a great way to block out unpleasant sounds, whether you’re enjoying your day off or working from home. You can reduce your noise-related stress by choosing classical, traditional pop, jazz, or other soothing genres. For maximum noise protection, consider investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. These generate sound waves at a different frequency from ambient noise, making the music coming through them much clearer and more noticeable than the sounds nearby.

2. Lay Down Extra Rugs

demolition services

Soft materials like foam and fabric are excellent sound absorbers. If the sound of demolition services or contractors is coming from below you, place one or two rugs on the floor or consider upgrading to a thicker carpet. If you own the space that is under construction or demolition, you can also install additional permanent insulation like cork to enhance your sound barrier.

3. Take a Break Outside

It may be possible to ask those making noise near you to stop. However, if they have a job to do, such as new construction or remodeling projects, they may have a tight deadline. If this is the case, take short breaks for walks around your neighborhood or go to a favorite coffee shop or restaurant for relief from the noise. If the noise is disrupting you at work, you can ask to be temporarily moved to an area where you won’t be distracted.


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