The end of summer is the perfect time to take care of vinyl siding maintenance. While vinyl siding is durable and requires minimal care, giving it a once-over every year is a good idea. Doing so will stop potential problems from getting too serious, while also protecting the rest of your home from possible damage.

5 Ways to Care for Vinyl Siding in the Summer

1. Wash the Siding

The easiest and most effective way to clean vinyl siding is to use a power washer. Add a cleanser that is safe for use on vinyl. It’s typically best to use a low setting to avoid damage. Avoid spraying with an upward angle because the solution may get behind the vinyl and cause damage. If you don’t own a power washer or don’t wish to rent one, a reasonable alternative is to use a sprayer that you can attach to the end of your garden hose.

2. Look for Signs of Weather Damage

sidingWhile vinyl siding is tough and resistant to most weather, it isn’t indestructible. Extreme wind, scorching heat, wildly temperature fluctuations, and hail can all cause damage. If you notice any panels that are cracked, dented, bent, or otherwise misshapen, repair or replace the siding as soon as possible.

3. Check for Weather-related Staining

Water-related staining and moss can spread across vinyl siding after heavy rainy periods and storms. Power washing won’t always be able to eliminate this problem. Use an all-purpose cleaner that’s vinyl-safe. Alternatively, you can use a bucket of water, vinegar, and a sponge to get rid of the debris although this method will likely require more time and energy.

4. Inspect for Insect Damage

Insect activity is high during the summer months. Look closely for signs of a bug problem at this time of year. If you notice an abundance of insects, see if soap and water will help keep the bugs away. If that doesn’t work, many liquid insecticides are safe to spray on vinyl siding. Feel free to try them, but be sure to check the label first.

5. Look for Fading

Since vinyl panels are the same color all the way through, fading colors are a sign that your siding may be reaching the final days of its life. If this is the case, it’s better to replace vinyl siding proactively.


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