Siding protects your home from the elements and provides curb appeal. However, it can't do its job if it’s not in the proper condition. To help you avoid additional maintenance problems and keep your house looking its best, here are some signs you need repair or replacement.

How to Tell if You Need Siding Repair or Replacement

1. Peeling Paint or Wallpaper

Damaged siding can allow moisture to infiltrate the home. When this happens, you may experience peeling paint or wallpaper along exterior walls.

If the drywall behind the wall covering absorbs too much water, this compromises paint and wallpaper adherence. It may start peeling, bubbling, or coming off in flakes. Before replacing your siding, make sure the moisture isn’t due to a plumbing leak.

2. Damaged Siding

SidingExterior panels must maintain structural integrity to prevent water leaks. If they’re loose or damaged, they may permit moisture to seep through gaps and into the house.

Consider repair or replacement when your siding has sustained hail damage, or impact from lawn equipment or overhanging tree limbs. Examine the house every few months—and after heavy storms—for dents, gaps, and other signs of damage. Trim back nearby branches to prevent them from beating or scraping against the siding, and always take care when mowing or trimming hedges near the house.

3. Missing Panels

High winds can wreak havoc on lightweight siding panels, especially if they’re already loose. If you notice pieces missing or panels in your yard after a windstorm, you’ll need repairs.

Don’t hesitate, especially if the forecast predicts rain. Moisture leaks can cause drywall, carpet, and furniture damage and lead to mold.


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