From the car to the office, you rely on locked doors to protect your property. However, when you cannot open these mechanisms, it can seriously disrupt the day. Luckily, an emergency locksmith can help you regain access to these areas. Here are several common reasons you may need this service.

3 Situations That Call for an Emergency Locksmith

1. Broken Keys

When you rely on the same key to let you in and out of the home each day, it will experience gradual wear and tear. Eventually, the key may snap inside the lock, which renders both the door and key useless. To gain safe entry into the home, you should call an emergency locksmith. They have specialized tools that can retrieve the broken piece from inside the lock, as well as make a new option that will last for many years.

2. Lost Keys


At some point, you may leave the house and lock the door, and later that day, return home eager to get inside. However, if after rummaging through your purse or pockets, you may realize that you no longer have the keys. While this situation is frustrating, it has an easy fix. A local emergency locksmith can quickly replace the lock tumbler so that your old keys no longer work, and then create a new set to give you.

3. Locked Out

In other cases, you may know exactly where the keys are—which makes a lockout all the more frustrating. If your car or front door automatically locks when you shut it, and the keys are inside, you likely cannot retrieve them. Instead of climbing through a window or waiting for a family member to arrive with a spare, an emergency locksmith can disable the pins or use special tools to override an electronic lock, allowing you back into the property to grab the existing set of keys.


If you run into any of these issues with your car, home, or office, contact Jim's Bike & Key Shop in Columbia, MO. Thanks to their emergency locksmith service, you can rest easy knowing help is only one call away. Since 1977, their team has been bringing relief to customers who need their locks picked, replaced, or paired with a fresh set of keys. To learn more about their skills, including bike repair, visit the website. Call (573) 442-7011 for fast service within a 40-mile radius.