A manicure makes your fingers look elegant and neat. If you get frustrated by chips and cracks on your polish after only a few days, a dip nail manicure or acrylic nail may be the solution. Offered at many nail salons, both of these methods help color last for several weeks rather than days. If you’re trying to decide which one is best for you, here’s a guide to a few of the differences between them.

Dip Nails

Dip manicures use a powder that contains a color pigment. Your nail salon technician will treat this as a standard manicure by trimming your nails, filing, then pushing back the cuticles. However, instead of using liquid nail polish, they will apply a base coat and activator before dipping your fingers into the powder. Excess powder is then brushed off, and another clear coat is added on top. This is done several times before your nails are buffed, polished, and sealed with a clear topcoat for added shine. 

nail salonDip nails are a favorite for those who don’t like the feeling of fake nails but are tired of their nail polish lasting only a few days. This manicure lasts around three to four weeks. There is no extension of the fingernail, as the color is applied directly to your nails.

Acrylic Nails

During this process, a nail salon technician will buff, trim, and cut your cuticles. They will then use glue or another adhesive chemical to attach a plain acrylic tab to your natural nail. The tab is then cut and shaped how you’d like before the professional adds paint or gel for color.

People often get this type of manicure to extend their nails and make their fingers look long and slender. Acrylics may be more rigid and rough than your natural nail, so this method doesn’t have the natural feeling of a dip manicure. They last anywhere from two to four weeks, making them another durable option for beautiful nails. 


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