With autumn comes colorful leaves, sweet specialty coffees, and batches of new fashion trends. Picking a unique hair color will spice up your outfits and help you stand out even when you’re drowning in a big scarf. Here are a few creative and stunning styles that are all over Instagram® this season. 

Top 5 Hair Color Trends This Fall

1. Honey Blonde

Honey-colored hair is the warmer, fall version of the beach blonde, so you can keep your beachy waves going even after the temperature drops. Dark hair on top blended into lighter highlights on the bottom will create the perfect warm, autumn tone. Your honeyed hair will look beautiful with red, gray, gold, and green clothing.

2. Ginger Peach

Ginger peach is one of the latest ombre trends in hair salons, and this gorgeous orange-pink combo couldn’t have come at a better time. Orange is one of the quintessential autumn colors, and this look manages to integrate it without making it overwhelming. Dark brown roots transition into a fiery orange, then end in pastel peach shades. The subtle blend creates a vivid yet subdued orange tone.

3. Cold Brew

hair colorDespite its name, this hair color isn’t just for the summer. Various brown tones harmonize in a rich, chocolate blend that will give your locks a deep mahogany warmth. If you already have dark hair, auburn highlights produce that desired extra dimension that keeps your mane from looking flat or dull.

4. Sunset Blend

For those who like their hairstyles to pop, the sunset blend will offer eye-catching bursts of color. While there are many ways to achieve this look, most techniques begin with a deep lavender at the roots, transitioning into magenta or red, and culminating in yellow-orange tips. This bold, feminine style looks particularly stunning on waves and curls.

5. Mulled Wine

Much like the spiced seasonal beverage it borrows its name from, this coloring takes on a deep red, purple-ish hue. Warmer than maroon to suit the coziness of the season, this color makes use of rich brown tones throughout for a multidimensional look. Match mulled wine locks with clothes in navy, black, gray, mustard, and shades of red.


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