While nail salons were busy this summer with the pastel tones that ruled the warmer months of 2019, the fall and winter usher in warmer seasonal colors. If you’re looking to try a new style this season, there are many exciting trends a technician can recreate. Here are a few of the popular designs to inspire your next manicure.  

3 Trends of 2019 to Try at the Nail Salon

1. Ombre

This is the gradual shading of colors from light to dark. It can be different shades of one color, such as light pink tip that moves into a deeper rose bottom, or two different colors altogether. 

To rock this look this fall and winter, use some of the top seasonal shades of this year. For example, choose tones of champagne and pearlescent polishes to put shimmery spins on neutrals, or rust and cinnamon to highlight the warm hues of the fall. 

2. Stiletto 

Nail SalonAppropriately named after the shoe with the same pointed tip, this style often uses a false nail to extend the length of the finger. The false nail is cut and filed on the sides to form a triangle. This nail trend was seen on the runway this year, helping propel it into the top nail trends of 2019. 

3. The French Tip

The classic French manicure gets an upgrade this year. Instead of the traditional white tips, people get other colors at the top. Some people are even reversing the traditional order and placing the stripe of color at the bottom of the nail. This style is well-suited for short to medium-length nails.


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