Chipped or dirty nails can give the impression that you don’t take pride in your appearance. That’s why many people regularly visit the nail salon as part of their beauty regimen. If you’ve never considered getting a gel manicure or you want to mix up your normal routine, explore a few reasons these nail treatments are so popular.  

3 Unique Features of Gel Manicures

1. No Immediate Scuffing & Chipping

Gel polish is like a durable, high-sheen membrane for the nails. After the lacquer is applied, the nail salon technician uses a UV or LED light to cause the gel to harden. Once cured, the solid polish maintains its glossy appearance and won’t be susceptible to peeling and chipping like regular air-drying polish.

2. Less Maintenance

nail salonYou might not always have time in your busy schedule for a weekly manicure appointment. Gel manicure’s are an ideal solution if you don’t or can’t go to the nail salon often. One treatment can look fresh for two weeks or longer, depending on the product. Foregoing weekly appointments also keeps more money in your bank account.  

3. Fast Drying

The fast curing process is what makes gel manicures so appealing. With regular nail polish, it can take hours for the base, color enamel, and topcoat to dry. This leaves plenty of opportunity to smudge the polish while using your hands. There’s less risk of streaking freshly painted nails with a gel manicure. Under an LED light, each coat takes 30 seconds to dry or two minutes under UV light.  


If you want to try a gel manicure, reach out to the staff at Jupiter Beauty Academy in Boston, MA. In addition to being a salon, the academy is an accredited beauty school where students receive nail technician and salon service training to earn their cosmetology licenses. Explore their list of services online and call (617) 288-1811 to book an appointment. You can also arrange an appointment on their Facebook