Dry winter air can leave skin scaly and flaky, making makeup application more challenging. What’s more, when pores are thirsty for moisture, your foundation is more likely to get a "caked-on" look that highlights every crease. Adapt your routine for the colder months like a beauty school professional with the tips below.

How to Create Makeup Looks for Winter

1. Adjust Your Moisturizer

Smooth makeup starts with a moisturized base. Keep your skin hydrated with a heavy-duty moisturizer, opting for hydrating ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E. Moisturize regularly throughout the day, especially if you've been outdoors.

2. Stick to Liquid Foundations & Highlighters

beauty schoolLook for a foundation with a creamy base. A matte formula will settle on flakes, giving you a patchy appearance. The same is true for highlighters. Finally, if you normally use a matte primer, you may also want to opt for a luminous formula for the cooler months.

3. Make Your Makeup Tear-Proof

Cold air and chilly winds can leave your eyes watering. Avoid messing up your makeup by using a waterproof mascara. When applying eyeshadow or liner, keep it to the upper lids only. You don't want panda-like smudges under the eyes if you get teary.

4. Set Your Makeup

Use a translucent pressed powder to keep your makeup in place and free of streaks. This is especially important in winter when you have hats and scarfs coming into contact with your face. Without taking the time to set your look, you could lose your makeup and ruin your winter wardrobe simultaneously.

5. Simplify Your Lip Care

Dry winter air can also leave your lips chapped and cracked. Over-applying lip care products can make the situation worse, further drying out your pout. Stick to a simple tinted lip balm to give your mouth a pop of color without drying it out.


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