Summer is the perfect time to play with different hairstyles. Thanks to the warm weather, you can take your hair out from your winter hats and show off your locks. Changing up the style can give you a confidence boost and the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Use the ideas below to get inspired for a brand new look this coming summer. 

5 Trendy Summer Hairstyles

1. Straight & Shiny

hairstylesInstead of the usual summer trend of beach-inspired waves, you could change it up and go straight and sleek for a stunning look. Make sure to use a heat protectant when heat-styling with a straightener. Rub a drop of hair oil in your hands to tame flyaways and add a glossy sheen when you're finished. 

2. Hair Crystals

Hair crystals are a dazzling addition for special events. Apply rhinestones along the hairline with eyelash glue. You can create a pattern or simply create a straight line along the part for a unique touch. Use water to dissolve the glue and remove the crystals without causing damage. 

3. '70s Inspired Bangs

Bangs are back—but slightly different from the full-on fringe of the previous years. Opt for longer bangs that can be drawn to the side like a curtain. Think of '70s icons like Farrah Fawcett, minus the added curl, for inspiration.

4. Short & Asymmetrical

If you're due for a haircut, consider an asymmetrical lob. It's cut shorter in the back and longer in the front. You can even make one side longer than the other for an edgy feel. This look allows you to style it any way you want, whether you want wavy or straight hair.  

5. Long & Layered

Give a nod to the '90s with a heavily layered below-the-shoulder cut. Refer to Rachel Greene from the early seasons of “Friends” as your guide. Blow-dry your hair and use velcro rollers for added bounce and shine.


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