As your hair grows, it’s subject to stress from your environment as well as damage caused by your styling routine. Getting a hair cut alleviates this damage by removing split ends and restoring bounce to your mane. This guide explains how often you should visit a local hair salon to ensure you look and feel your best.

Short Hair

Maintaining a short hairdo typically requires frequent attention. This is because damage to hair, such as split ends, is usually more visible with short hairstyles than longer ones. Frequent cuts are especially important if you use chemical processing, like hair dyes and perms. Chemical processing can dry out hair and make it more brittle. Additionally, regular hair cuts also make short hair easier to style. 

hair salonTo ensure the best results, people with short hair are encouraged to schedule an appointment at their hair salon every four to eight weeks. Extremely short styles—think buzz cuts—should be trimmed more frequently than longer styles, such as pixie cuts. 

Long Hair

While people with long hair may not need to visit the salon as frequently, getting regular trims is still important to the health of their mane. The general rule is that long hair should be cut every eight to twelve weeks. People whose hair is the same length all around can usually go longer than those with layers, as layers will start to look shaggy as they grow out.

If you want to grow out your hair, don’t skip cuts in an effort to accelerate the process. Instead, work out a plan with your stylist to have dead ends trimmed on a regular basis. Doing so will allow your hair to grow faster and keep it looking healthy and robust. 


Regular haircuts improve the health of your hair while boosting your confidence. In Boston, Jupiter Beauty Academy offers affordable salon services like cuts, colors, manicures, and more to local customers. Skilled hairstylists in training work under the tutelage of experienced professionals, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll look amazing at the end of your appointment. Learn more about their hair salon services online, or call (617) 288-1811 to schedule an appointment.