Electrical repair issues are common in older homes, especially since many feature aluminum over copper wiring. Aluminum was the electrical wiring material of choice in the 1970s due to the increased price of copper, but it’s more susceptible to fire. If you recently purchased an older house, here are some of the most common issues requiring professional electrical service.

Top 5 Electrical Repair Problems in Older Residences

1. Damaged Wiring

Wiring eventually deteriorates from years of use. Unlike copper, aluminum wiring expands and shrinks in response to hot and cold temperatures. It also oxidizes and corrodes, causing it to overheat and potentially start a fire. Old or improperly installed wiring creates numerous problems in addition to fires, including sparking and hot outlets, so get yours inspected and replaced.

2. Dead Outlets

electrical repairsDead outlets are sometimes due to tripped circuit breakers; however, resetting the breaker may not be enough. If your outlets are still dead, you are looking at loose or burned-out connections. Burned-out outlets typically feature black scorch marks. Call your local electrician to repair the outlets, especially since your older home may feature more than one electrical panel. Shutting down the wrong outlet’s panel may result in shocks.

3. Flickering Lights

A loose or defective bulb will cause a light to flicker and dim, but the problem may be more serious. Old, weakened electrical connections cause this electrical repair issue and increase the risk of fire. If your home features aluminum and copper wiring held together with the wrong connectors, they will corrode and cause flickering problems. Unless a loose or defective bulb is the cause, contact your electrician immediately to identify the issue.

4. Tripped Circuit Breakers

Frequent circuit breaker tripping means your home’s power boards are overloaded. Request electrical services to ensure your home’s wiring is capable of handling daily fixture and appliance use. Your electrician will also provide tips for preventing circuit overloads, such as unplugging devices not in use.

5. Frequent Bulb Burnouts

If the bulbs in your home burn out quickly, it may be due to excessively high wattage. It could also be because of faulty wiring, such as bad circuit wiring. 


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