Floor maintenance and emptying trash cans are always high on the priority list for office cleaning. However, professional office cleaners also stress the importance of eliminating dust from hidden and hard-to-reach places to maintain air quality and reduce harmful allergens. Here are a few commonly overlooked areas that tend to collect dust. 

4 Areas Where Professional Office Cleaners Often Find Dust

1. Light Fixtures

With overhead lights and hanging fixtures above your eye line, it’s natural to overlook these areas. Over time, dust can accumulate on top of the fixtures and lightbulbs. Use ladders to dust these components and prevent debris from coating your light sources. 

2. Electronics

Stamford-Office-CleanerThroughout the workday, employees will type on keyboards and use office phones to conduct business. These high-touch pieces of equipment are susceptible to dust, debris, and even food particles from snacking. Nightly wipe-downs of keyboards, mousepads, computer towers, phone receivers, and other electronic devices will curb the spread of bacteria and provide a more inviting workspace. 

3. Underneath Furniture

Vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors will eliminate the bulk of debris, moisture, and unwanted odors. But as you go about these tasks, dust can move underneath furniture and linger on the underside of upholstery. Experienced office cleaners will move furniture around when performing floor maintenance to address hidden dust bunnies. 

4. Window Coverings

Like other upholstery and textiles, curtains can trap dust, debris, and allergens. Similarly, horizontal and vertical blinds that tend to remain in the same position throughout the workday can develop a layer of dust. An office cleaning team will focus on window coverings to prevent the spread of dust and ensure curtains and blinds maintain their visual appeal. 


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