Whether you’re a seasoned gearhead, an auto trader, or just a curious newcomer to the world of cars, there’s something for everyone at a car show. These events are not only opportunities for collectors and dealers to close deals and network, they're also chances for attendees of all ages to relax and learn about a stunning variety of cars and trucks from all decades. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your visit to a show.

How Can You Get the Most Out of a Day at the Car Show?

1. Set Aside Plenty of Time

One factor that takes many first-time auto show attendees by surprise is the sheer scale of the event. The largest shows sprawl over dozens of acres, with thousands of collectors putting their vehicles on display and thousands more in attendance. Set aside most or all of one day to see as many displays as possible without rushing. If possible, get a copy of a show map or program prior to visiting so you can plan your day ahead of time.

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2. Dress Comfortably

Although the focus of an auto show is on cars and trucks, the amount of space needed to display them all means attendees can expect to spend several hours on their feet, moving between displays. Wear comfortable walking shoes and breathable clothing while attending a car show. Consider also bringing a camera for taking shots of your favorite vehicles, a notepad to copy down important details, and a hat and sunglasses for spending time outdoors.

3. Check Out the Attractions

Aside from car and truck displays, many auto show organizers include fun, family-friendly events such as live music, activity booths, and trade displays where attendees can learn about the latest developments in automotive design and technology. A full list of such events can usually be found on the show organizers’ website, so review this before visiting to see if there are any that you won’t want to miss.


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