Scheduling a home renovation for the first time can seem a little overwhelming. It requires various tasks, including deciding what parts of the house need the most work, determining a budget, and acquiring contractor price points. Obtaining the perfect estimate gets easier with a deeper understanding of the process, allowing you to renovate your home affordably with experienced experts. Use this guide to help you get a bid you’ll be satisfied with.

How to Secure an Ideal Home Renovation Bid From a Contractor

1. Create a Detailed Project Description

Write out what your project entails, and provide as much detail as possible to increase estimate accuracy. If you’re renovating your home’s first floor, explain what changes you desire for each room—such as replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops, installing new bathroom flooring, and retrofitting living room windows. 

Include any materials you have on-site, such as lumber and paint. Outline your preferred project duration and end date, and write out your budget maximum. Always discuss what areas of the home have the highest priority in case all tasks cannot be completed. 

2. Ask About Insurance & Licensing

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Find out if the contractors are fully licensed and insured before moving forward with estimates. Colorado doesn't require state licensure, but contractors are regulated at the local level. This licensing indicates credibility and adherence to building and zoning regulations. 

Insurance covers workers if they sustain renovation-related injuries or inflict damage to the home. Partnering with unlicensed professionals is always a risk. For example, the legal ramifications resulting from a hurt worker could cost you significantly.

3. Read Reviews

Request references and read reviews to get a sense of what home renovation experts provide. Check for whether the team is punctual, stays in communication with customers, and furnishes accurate estimates. Contracting companies should always be happy to provide references. If they refuse to do this, their track record is likely poor, and you should look elsewhere. 

4. Go Over Each Bid’s Numbers Carefully 

Review the numbers on each estimate you receive, and check whether they correlate with your budget and what you requested. Each projected cost should include exhaustive details, such as how much labor the bathroom renovation will take, as well as the price of the materials. If there is vague information or numbers you don’t understand, ask for thorough explanations to avoid invoice surprises.


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