Like any other part of your home, the front door is prone to wear and tear. Eventually, you'll want to get a new one to improve the property's curb appeal and ensure it remains secure. A contractor can help you find a door replacement that matches the style of your house and meets all functionality criteria. The following guide will help you know when it's time to install a new front entrance. 

How to Know If Your Front Door Should Be Replaced

1. Difficult to Open & Close the Door 

Old or ill-fitting doors have a tendency to get jammed when you attempt to open or close them. The issue tends to get worse in summer and winter when temperature extremes cause wood to expand or retract. If you are often wrestling with the door throughout the day, it may be time for a replacement. A contractor can measure the frame and find an alternative that will fit the space without getting stuck.

2. Unattractive

door replacement

A front door is often the first element visitors notice when they come to your home. You can patch up small scratches or dents, but if your door is rusted, beat up, or broken, small fixes won't fully solve the issue, and you could end up making a bad first impression on guests. Instead, opt for a complete door replacement to beautify your entryway. Not only will you love the look of the new feature, but it will feel good knowing that it's attractive and functional.

3. Moisture Issues 

If you have windows on your front door, keep an eye out for moisture accumulations between the panes of glass. Condensation builds up when the seals between the sheets fail. Ultimately, this leads to mold growth, which can quickly overwhelm and weaken a wooden door. Replace the feature quickly if you notice moisture collecting between the glass. 

4. Gaps

Laying a towel down in front of your door to block out gusts of wind is only so effective. Installing weatherstripping to block out the elements is another possible solution, but this quick-fix wears down over time and will need to be reinstalled. If gaps are affecting your indoor air temperature and impacting the function of your door, consider getting a replacement.


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