We can all be irresponsible when it comes to keeping track of our keys. At some point, many people will have an issue that requires the help of a locksmith, such as a car lockout or lost or stolen keys. Unfortunately, some of the terminology used by professionals who work with locks and keys can be confusing, especially if you have never needed their services before. To give you more clarity, here are a few standard locksmith terms that you should know. 

5 Common Locksmith Terms

1. Cylinder

When you slide your key into a lock, it’s going into the lock cylinder. It’s the portion of the locking mechanism that holds pins or tumblers at various lengths that perfectly match with the grooves of its corresponding key.

2. Rekeying

If you need to make a new key work with an old lock, you’ll likely need rekeying services. To rekey a lock, the old pins inside the lock cylinder are replaced with a new set at different lengths that will match the original key. 

3. Deadbolt

locksmith Akron, OH Canton, OH Cleveland, OHDeadbolts are heavy-duty locks that require either a key or thumb turn to operate, and there is no spring action. Instead, when the mechanism is engaged, a thick metal bolt extends from the door into the door-jamb. People usually use them on exterior doors for added security. 

4. Custom Keying

This is a method the locksmith will use to key a lock on your door. For instance, you may prefer a deadbolt or a key-code for locking and opening. The custom keying process requires you to provide the key or the numerical code to the locksmith so that they can calibrate your new lock to your exact specifications.

5. Keyway

Different types of keys have specific patterns on their shaft that match their brand of locks. This is referred to as the keyway, and it's the reason why all keys cannot insert into every lock. Manufacturers will cut the shaft of their keys into patterns that only work with compatible locks.


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