Getting locked out of a car is a common occurrence because it’s so easy to do. A small distraction like talking on the phone, grabbing groceries, or greeting a neighbor causes many drivers to forget that their keys are in the ignition or on the car seat. By following these helpful tips, you can avoid the nuisance of getting locked out of your automobile.

How to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Car

1. Lock the Door From the Outside

Never lock car doors from the inside. Whether you’re using a fob or a key, always wait until you’re outside of the vehicle to lock it up. This simple action ensures you have a vehicle’s key in hand and prevents you from absentmindedly leaving it in the car.

2. Keep Spares Nearby

Locked OutCommercial locksmiths recommend having copies of keys. If you keep a spare key in a wallet or purse, under the wheel well, or with a trusted acquaintance or two, you’ll always get to work or school on time or arrive at your next appointment without delay.

3. Replace Batteries on the Fob

Although many fobs have a key hidden on them, vehicles with keyless ignition don’t. If a fob’s batteries go bad, a lockout is likely to happen. Most batteries are designed to last three to four years, so make sure to replace yours on schedule.


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