Mobile locksmiths are among the most helpful professionals out there. When you’re caught in an unfortunate lockout, they’re ready to assist you and get you safely back on the road or into your home. While you wait for a technician to arrive, be aware of your surroundings. Here’s what you should and should not do.

What to Do While Waiting for a Mobile Locksmith


Call someone for company.

After calling a locksmith, call someone and inform them of your predicament. This call is as much for your comfort as for your safety. Communicate your location, and let them know what’s happened. If it’s dark and you feel unsafe, ask a trusted friend or family member to wait with you.

Seek nearby shelter.

If it’s raining or snowing or if it’s late at night, step into a nearby shop or service station and wait indoors where it’s bright and secure. Tell the locksmith where you are. If you’re locked out of your home, walk to a neighbor’s house or wait inside your vehicle.  


locksmithsAttempt to break in.

Never attempt to break into your vehicle or home. You may end up causing damage that is far more concerning than a simple lockout. Avoid potentially expensive repairs by relying on a professional locksmith to open locked doors.

Stand by your vehicle.

Don’t stand directly next to your car while you wait. Oncoming traffic may pose a threat. Drivers may not see you, or they may be driving too fast. Even if you’re in an open lot, wait where you won’t be a target. An open office building or a fast-food restaurant is always a safe bet.


When you’re dealing with an unfortunate lockout, you can count on the locksmiths at A-Tri-County Lock to come to your rescue. Serving clients throughout Cleveland, Akron, and Canton, OH, these licensed, bonded, and insured professionals handle it all. They can unlock cars, rekey locks, and install new locks as needed. Visit them online for information, or call (330) 467-9045 to schedule an appointment.