Door locks are critical to the security of your building and the safety of your tenants. Knowing when to change or update locks—and the benefits of doing so—shouldn’t get lost in the shuffle of more pressing building management concerns. Learn more about your options for lock replacement from this guide.

When to Replace Locks

There are number of situations in which you should make new door locks a priority. With every new tenant that moves in, be sure to rekey your locks. If a tenant suspects a lock has been tampered with or has worries about their security, changing it is a smart precautionary step to take. Also, get in the habit of making quick visual inspections of the locks on your property every few months. Frequent use leads to wear and tear that can compromise lock effectiveness. You can often tell by looking at a lock if it needs replacement.

Benefits of Changing Them

door locksThe primary benefit of changing locks is to ensure the standard of security for your building are met. As a landlord, you’re invested in your property and your tenants. It makes sense to confirm that both are protected from harm.

Because keys can be duplicated, rekeying or changing locks after tenants move out is sensible. In Ohio, landlords are required to provide deadbolts on all exit doors. If yours are damaged, worn, or otherwise faulty, replace them to remain compliant.

New Lock Solutions

When it comes to door lock changes, a rekey is quick and affordable. Popular lock solutions for apartment doors include standard and jimmy-proof deadbolts, knob locks, lever handles, and rim latch locks. Never use a security chain on its own as a door lock. These can be snapped with a firm shove.


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