Getting locked out of your home is an inconvenience. On certain days, it could be a make-or-break factor that derails important plans. Fortunately, there are several options available for discreetly hiding a key on your property, granting you easy access to your home even if you’ve misplaced your regular set of keys.

Places You Can Hide a Spare Key

1. Fake Sprinkler or Drain Cap

There are several models of fake sprinklers and drain caps available which make the perfect housing units for spare keys. You can even make your own fake sprinkler head by affixing a nozzle to the top of a prescription pill bottle, which will hold the key. Then, bury it in an easily identifiable location in your yard using a shovel you have easy access to.

2. Behind Your Door Knocker

locked outIf your home has a metal door, use this simple trick to stash a key behind your door knocker. Glue magnets to the back of the fixture so you can easily remove it when you get locked out. Keep the key in the knocker, using tape if needed to prevent it from rattling.

3. Within Your Vinyl Siding

Homes with vinyl sidings have convenient grooves into which a key can be strategically placed. Simply affix a short length of fishing line to the key so you can retrieve it easily from under a vinyl siding panel. Then, place the line in a panel seam on your home’s siding, particularly a panel you’ll remember.

4. Behind a Car License Plate

Even if you get locked out of your home, chances are you’ll still have your car nearby. Place a key behind your car’s license plate, inserting one the corner screws through the top of the key to keep it secure. Of course, you’ll need a screwdriver to retrieve it, so be sure to keep one accessible in your car. You can also use this trick if you have a licensed trailer you keep outdoors.

5. On the Side of a Tree

A simple but commonly overlooked location for a spare key is a tree trunk. If you have several large trees on your property, few people are likely to look around this location for a hidden spare. Try to choose an obscure location, such as hanging the key discretely on the side of a tree facing away from your home.


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