If you ever experience a lockout from your home, the situation is frustrating and time-consuming. After a long day at work, nobody wants to end up outside without a way to enter. A qualified locksmith can help you get back inside, but you’re better off avoiding the stress in the first place. Below are a few reasons you should always have spare keys to your house.

The Advantages of Keeping Spare Keys

1. Extend Key Life

Having a key is useless if it's too old and misshapen to work. Over time, ongoing use will wear them down and bend the metal. This breakdown will happen even faster if multiple people share a key and use it regularly. If you have a few extra keys, you can rotate the usage so that no one key wears out. This will help you avoid keys breaking in a lock, which would require a locksmith to fix. 

2. Prevent Accidental Lockouts

locksmithPeople get locked out all the time, but that doesn’t make the situation any less stressful. This is especially true if you have a pet inside that needs to go to the bathroom. Having access to a spare key—whether you hide it on the property or a neighbor’s house—ensures you don’t get separated from your responsibilities. Consider mounting an electronic lockbox on the front patio to store the spare key and ensure you always have a secure backup available. 

3. Save Money

If you get locked out of your business, every moment you spend outside costs you money. Paying for locksmith services or breaking the lock will also present extra expenses that exceed the price of a spare key. This is why it is more cost-effective to get spares and keep them accessible if you forget the primary. Consider giving one of them to a manager or high-level employee with excellent attendance to make sure the business opens on time.


If you forget your key and need help getting inside your home, contact A-Tri-County Lock. These locksmiths have been serving the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, OH, areas for over 30 years, and will have you back in your home as soon as possible with their reliable and timely service. When you need help, call (330) 928-6222 in Akron, (330) 494-1188 in Canton, (216) 481-2233 in East Cleveland, and (440) 552-1410 in West Cleveland. Visit them online for more information about their services.